Acquiring Digital Capabilities Is Easier Than Ever for Agencies


Agencies are an integral part of the advertising industry, responsible for helping bring clients’ creative ideas to life and then acquiring the media to put those messages in front of consumers. Historically, agencies have adapted with the shifts in media consumption, moving from print to TV and beyond.
But with digital media advancing so rapidly in recent years, some agencies have fallen behind. Whether it’s because they lack the money to build digital technology solutions of their...

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As Technology Advances, SMB Issues Remain Static


Dramatic shifts in media consumption have changed the channels through which SMBs can interact with both their existing customers and prospects. Print, TV, radio and out-of-home are still viable, but digital has altered the reach and targeting capabilities for advertisers of all sizes.
While digital is firmly established, it continues to evolve at a fast pace. Mobile delivery, hyper-targeting, programmatic buying, virtual reality and a fragmented media landscape give...

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The Growing Opportunity for Small Agencies


The rise of technology has democratized the advertising landscape. Agencies no longer need to be among the largest holding companies to have global reach and cutting-edge capabilities. As The Drum recently pointed out, big brands are very interested in handing their budgets over to smaller agencies these days, given that these firms often have the same capabilities as their larger competitors.

While this...

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Amid Local Startup Growth, There is Opportunity for Media Providers


The marketing industry is currently ripe with innovation, with lots of startups looking to cash in on a growing field, especially in local digital advertising. There are “buckets” of money going toward scaling enterprise technology down to the SMB level, according to Neal Polachek, an advisor to the Local Search Association (LSA),...

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For Local Media to Thrive, It Must Identify New Customers and Products in 2017


The widely-perceived story on local media is that it’s hurting, with organizations that once dominated local markets having ceded much of their ad revenue to digital companies such as Facebook and Google. But that’s an easy take on a more complicated story -- one that actually provides ample opportunity for many local media players.
In the latest...

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